Nailing the Q-commerce Experience With ET Retail

Yango Tech and ET Retail collaboration: Charu Lamba interviews Abhilash Patil on q-commerce, specifically its effect and opportunities on the Indian market.


  1. Introduction to Q-Commerce: Focuses on ultra-fast deliveries leveraging advanced technology and real-time data to meet consumer expectations.

  2. Market Overview: Indian grocery market size is significant (~$600 billion), with most of it still unorganized, presenting a huge opportunity.

  3. Segmentation and Consumer Base: Grocery retailers start with everyday essentials due to high demand frequency across various consumer segments.

  4. Types of Q-Commerce Players: Includes those with dark stores and hybrids combining dark stores with partnerships for optimal fulfillment.

  5. Impact on Traditional Retailers: Q-Commerce integrates with existing retailers, expanding reach and customer base without additional infrastructure costs.

  6. Current Market Landscape: Zomato, Zepto, and Instamart leading in online grocery market share, with rapid growth towards profitability.

  7. Market Readiness and Growth: India's readiness for Q-Commerce accelerated post-COVID, creating a fertile ground for rapid adoption and growth.

  8. Future Outlook: Predicts exponential growth for online grocery and Q-Commerce, with significant market share shifting towards these models.

  9. Strategies for Grocery Retailers: Emphasizes scaling through technology adoption, enhancing user experience, and optimizing operations for profitability.

  10. Challenges and Solutions: Challenges include initial investment in technology and decision-making, solved through phased technology adoption and strategic partnerships.

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Nailing the Q-commerce Experience With ET Retail

  • Abhilash Patil

    Assistant Director of Partnerships, Yango Tech

  • Charu Lamba

    Senior Editor, ET Retail