Effective Marketing for E-grocery: Key Strategies for Growing Business

Online grocery has steadily become one of the most competitive retail industries in today’s business world, and we’ve seen startups and established companies dropping out of the market at a rapid pace.


Yango Tech hosted a webinar focused on marketing efforts for up-and-coming e-grocery retailers.

The webinar, titled ‘Effective Marketing for E-grocery: Key Strategies for Growing Your Business,’ features the Head of Growth Korzinka Go, Eugene Nelepko, and our Lead Partner of Success and Growth, Polina Bozhkova.

Attendees can expect engaging discussion and lessons where we analyzed how to grow a mobile grocery application efficiently with the help of marketing. For those new to the industry, or those looking to expand their current offerings, this webinar is a great opportunity to see how the e-grocery market continues to evolve in 2023 and beyond.

During the discussion, we’re covering:

  • E-grocery Hurdles
    In this section, we look at a specific case study. Korzinka Go sought to boost order numbers on their app, enhance retention rates, and improve the overall customer experience. We dive into these challenges and explore the steps taken by Korzinka Go to overcome them.

  • Marketing Strategies and Tools
    Eugene Nelepko, CMO of the online channel at the No. 1 retailer in Uzbekistan, discusses the best and most effective marketing tools that online retailers can use to grow their user base, enhance metrics, and more.

  • Results
    We look to the future to discuss the results of these marketing efforts and the key takeaways grocery players should be aware of as they journey through the process.

  • Q&A
    After the discussion, the floor was opened for an interactive Q&A session where attendees got answers to any questions they had during the webinar, as well as industry insights and answers catered to their specific business.

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Effective Marketing for E-grocery: Key Strategies for Growing Business

  • Polina Bozhkova

    Lead Partner Success and Growth at Yango Tech

  • Evgeny Nelepko

    Head of Growth at Korzinka Go