Yango Tech Demo Privacy Policy

Please read Privacy Policy before using the Yango Tech Demo mobile application.

The usage of Yango Tech Demo mobile application (the term «app» is used hereinafter) means that you have read, understood and agreed to the terms Privacy Policy

Yango Tech Demo is demo-version of Yango Tech Whitelabel application. It is used to explore features of the application. Real orders cannot be made.

You may contact us as a data processor by email at dpoyt@yango.com.

  1. In the app the Company processes only such categories of your personal data as described below.
Source Data Purposes
User provides to the Company Phone number, first name, second name To make your authorization in the app possible
Phone number To authorize and identify you as a User for sending the technical message to the User in text message (SMS)
Received from the User device and app IP address; device identifier, type and model; mobile operating system; browser or mobile application details To secure access to the User’s account
Location data To create orders in your location
Generated when the User interacts with the app Usage of the features of the app: time and duration of use; features used most often; number of screens viewed while interacting with the app, history of authorizations and usage of the app (authorizations logs) To improve the app and User experience; provide relevant features, modify the app interfaces; prevent unauthorized usage of the app
To function properly the app may request following permissions:
Push notifications We request this access for you to receive notifications. If you deny this access, you will not get them
  1. The data that User provides to the Company directly are required in order for the app to function properly. Without such data, the User would be unable to use features of the app.

  2. Data generated when the User interacts with the app, received from the User device and app are used to achieve a legitimate interest while respecting the User’s rights.

  3. The Company processes User data until the purpose for processing is achieved. The Company can continue processing User data if such processing is required by law or necessary to protect rights and interests of the Company or third parties. For example, authorization logs are stored for the relevant limitation period.

  4. Transfers of data. User data are only shared with parties that:

  • (a) Directly assist in supporting the operation of the app: Company partners including Company affiliates involved in providing authorization and app analytics tools, providing computing and storage
  • (b) Are entitled to receive User data in accordance with the law: Law enforcement and other governmental and international authorities, courts
  • (c) Help to improve the app: Data about technical errors encountered while using the app
  1. User can enforce the following rights concerning personal data:
  • (a) The User has access to User data in the app. After logging into the app the User will have access to the credentials.
  • (b) To delete User data the User should send a request to the contacts provided by the app. The ability to delete data may be limited by law or provisions related to freedom of expression and information.
  • (c) The User has the right to restrict the processing of User data in certain circumstances. For example, should the User wish to correct User data, the User can request to restrict the processing of User data until such data have been rectified via the app.
  • d) The User has the right to object to the processing of User data should the User consider that the processing violates User rights.
  • (e) The Company is always ready to examine User’s complaints and suggestions regarding the data processing.
  • (f) In addition, User can file a complaint with the relevant supervisory authority if the User considers that its rights have been violated.
  1. The Company has the right to amend the Privacy Policy. If the User continues to use the app after the Privacy Policy were amended, it means that the User agrees to such amendments.

  2. Data protection:

Company has implemented adequate technical and organizational measures to protect personal data against unauthorized, accidental or unlawful destruction, loss, alteration, misuse, disclosure or access and against all other unlawful forms of processing. These security measures have been implemented considering the state of the art of the technology, their cost of implementation, the risks presented by the processing and the nature of personal data.

  1. Company’s contact details as the data processor:


Registration number: 6815521 Address: UAE, Dubai, Al Suq Al Kabeer, Mohammed Saad Abdulla Al Sharif, office No. M1

Your data controller is the Partner, please see in the app the name and details of the Partner.