About Yango Tech

We are a global tech company that provides proprietary technologies and expertise for e-commerce


Our mission is to unlock online channel growth for grocers by empowering their businesses with technology and expertise. We offer seamless solutions that empower you to release untapped potential and maximize your e-commerce capabilities.

Our team is enthusiastically transforming the e-grocery industry by providing innovative, reliable and efficient technology solutions to our clients. We strive to become the global standard for e-grocery solutions. 

Yango Tech Values


We value inclusivity, ensuring that our solutions cater to the unique needs of all our partners, whether they operate large warehouses or small connected stores. We provide equal opportunities to offline and online retailers worldwide. Everyone is welcome, and we strive to make our technology accessible to all.


At Yango Tech, collaboration is key. Above offering solutions, we become partners with our clients, working together as one. We believe in transparent communication, fostering a strong relationship that leads to shared success.


We're not just about delivering solutions – we're all about progress. We constantly innovate, improving our knowledge and thinking out of the box. Our goal is to empower the retail industry with the latest technology, letting machines enhance efficiency and drive growth.

Team Work

While we have amazing individuals, teamwork is what makes us exceptional. By working together, we achieve remarkable results. Here, open communication and respect lead to effective problem-solving and success for both our partners and our team.

What we offer
The team is our core. Each member has extensive experience in e-grocery, from commerce to technology competence. We gained experience through a long test-and-learn process to become the experts we are today.

Now we can share knowledge with partners so that they get immediate growth - without making mistakes.
Set to grow? Yango Tech is ready for more business transformations!