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Integrative solutions for fulfillment, commerce, delivery, client experience and analytics. Launch or optimize existing e-grocery.

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Last Mile Solution

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We are a global tech company that assists our partners in building profitable & scalable online retails.

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Last Mile Solution: Overview

Go through the delivery solution that tracks couriers and orders in real time, speeding delivery up by 25%.
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Courier App: Order Management

Behind the simple UI lies a highly automated application that supports smart routing, batching, and shift algorithms.
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We help traditional retailers and marketplaces transfer from brick-and-mortar business model to online trade with significant improvement in delivery processes.

Our end-to-end tech stack includes various solutions for fulfillment, delivery and analytics enabling retailers to deliver goods on-time and in-full.

Small & large scale solutions

Streamlining processes with CUSTOM SOLUTIONS for:



Proven tech stack and the dedicated team solve operational inefficiencies. The custom solution enhances operations management by improving unit economics, consequently raising profitability. Extra control and support of existing and new stores with 15-45 min & in-slot delivery.



Balance profitability and product availability with an improved customer experience. Transform brick-to-mortar to an online store. Advanced warehouse management allows better inventory control and facilitates expansion to different store models.



Provide reliable support for sellers and customers with a verified combo of dark store solutions and an all-in-one app. Rich customization in white-label option for the client application supported by transparent business analytics tools.

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