Omnichannel Retail: The Key Strategies to Driving Profitable Growth

Online grocery has steadily become one of the most competitive retail industries in today’s business world, and we’ve seen startups and established companies dropping out of the market at a rapid pace.


Yango Tech’s COO Evgeny Chernikov and Enterprise Solutions Director Henlaw Louw hosted an informative, hour-long webinar entitled 'Omnichannel Retail: The Key Strategies to Driving Profitable Growth.' Discover ways to enhance your brand's omnichannel retail experience and boost your bottom line.

During the discussion we talk about:

  1. The Growth Opportunity and Profitability Challenge.

Explore the opportunities and challenges that retailers face in today's competitive market. Understand the significance of omnichannel strategies in driving growth and increasing profitability.

  1. Demand for Omnichannel Offerings: Drivers and Trends.

Discover the driving forces behind the increasing demand for omnichannel offerings. Uncover the latest trends shaping consumer behavior and expectations.

  1. Current Online Reach vs. Potential.

Analyze the current state of online retail reach and delve into the untapped potential that omnichannel strategies can unlock.

  1. Current Margins and Cost Drivers.

Gain insights into the factors impacting profit margins and explore ways to optimize costs while enhancing the omnichannel customer experience.

  1. Key Pillars of Profitable Growth.

Dive into the core elements of profitable growth through omnichannel retailing:

  • Customer-Connected Omnichannel Merch Planning
  • Integrated Omnichannel Fulfillment Network
  • Integrated Omnichannel Operations
  • Q&A

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Omnichannel Retail: The Key Strategies to Driving Profitable Growth

  • Henlaw Louw

    Enterprise Solutions Director, Yango Tech

  • Evgeny Chernikov

    COO, Yango Tech