How to Revolutionize the E-Grocery Customer Experience?

Online grocery has steadily become one of the most competitive retail industries in today’s business world, and we’ve seen startups and established companies dropping out of the market at a rapid pace.


Intro (15 min)

Once you’ve met our expert speakers, Evgeniy and Ksenia, we discuss why it’s critical to an online grocer’s success to revolutionize their current customer experience. You get a concrete idea of what it means to “revolutionize” based on the most recent trends in the e-grocery space and what today’s consumers expect from online grocery shopping.

Main discussion (30 min)

After the brief introduction, our speakers get to the part you’re here for: easy-to-implement strategies and brand-new solutions that your business can integrate into its existing operations to push your customer experience to the next level. Attendees get an up-close view of the main features of our Grocery Client app and learn about how and why to leverage it for better business growth.

Q&A (10 min)

The webinar concludes with a short Q&A segment so that participants can ask any additional questions about the topic.

When you leave our webinar, we want you to feel empowered and excited to level up your e-grocery company’s customer experience. Fill out the form and get a head start on gaining the competitive edge your business needs to capture and retain a larger user base!


How to Revolutionize the E-Grocery Customer Experience?

  • Ksenia Anikeeva

    Technical Program Manager, Yango Tech

  • Evgeny Chernikov

    COO, Yango Tech