In Store Shelf Picking and Stock Control with AI Technology

Yango Tech’s latest webinar will be an AI-focused event featuring Nemer Atatreh, Associate Director of Partnerships at Yango Tech, Evgeny Chernikov, COO at Yango Tech and Andrii Morozov, CEO of AInventory.


“In Store Shelf Picking And Stock Control With AI Technology” was hosted on February 14, 5 p.m. Dubai Time (GMT+4). The webinar took an in-depth look at the picking process for grocery services in store and the challenges these businesses face. Our latest solution, AInventory was premiered at this webinar.

AInventory completely reinvents inventory management, allowing businesses to efficiently monitor stock without interrupting in-store customers’ shopping experience or requiring the business to work many after-hours to count products.

  1. Top 3 Stock-Related Retailer Challenges:
    This webinar revealed the top challenges every retailer faces, to what percentage, and what is the effect of each.

  2. AI Shelf Monitoring – How It Works:
    New AI Shelf Monitoring Solution, or AInventory, is our latest software created for grocers with brick-and-mortar locations, as well as for e-grocers that do in-store order picking.

  3. How AI Solves the Retail Challenges:
    This solution tackles stock-related challenges directly, in seconds improving the in-store shopping experience, even online. Apart from stock, AInventory offers other possibilities for further improvement of the store, offers on shelves, as well as promotions.

  4. Q&A & Discussion:
    As always, we've prepared to answer all of your questions. We answered every retail or technology-related question that came our way!

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In Store Shelf Picking and Stock Control with AI Technology

  • Andrii Morozov

    CEO at AInventory

  • Evgeny Chernikov

    COO at Yango Tech

  • Nemer Atatreh

    Partnerships Lead at Yango Tech