How to Win in E-Grocery competition? Gourmet Market Case

What does it take to be a grocer in 2024? How to grow in a booming market? Learn from our partners' experience and their success in the gourmet market niche.


With the e-grocery growth, strongly supported by customer wishes, the Indian market has developed a different niche to adapt. Profiting as an e-grocer is not easy, yet their gourmet market has shown success. Akshay Kumar and Kurush Rumi Dadabhoy, co-founders of Bombay Gourmet Market talk to Abhilash Patil, Yango Tech's Associate Director of Partnerships.

Agenda for this 1-hour-long webinar:

  1. Indian E-commerce Boom: Explore the post-Covid surge in online marketplaces and its impact on the grocery landscape.
  2. Gourmet E-Grocery Niche: How to launch a successful online gourmet grocery business, leveraging higher margins and reduced competition?
  3. Balancing Bricks & Clicks: Weigh the pros and cons of offline and online grocery models to find the optimal strategy for your business.
  4. Grocery Branding in 2024: Implement technology to enhance your grocery brand in 2024, as shown in the example.

Our partners answer live questions from attendees during the webinar.

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How to Win in E-Grocery competition? Gourmet Market Case

  • Akshay Kumar

    Co-Founder, Bombay Gourmet Market

  • Kurush Rumi Dadabhoy

    Co-Founder, Bombay Gourmet Market

  • Abhilash Patil

    Associate Director of Partnerships, Yango Tech