5 Winning Personalization Strategies in Grocery

Personalization in retail is a trending topic, quickly becoming a necessity for grocers. How to give grocery customers what they want?


This webinar is focused on how to adopt winning personalization strategies to enhance customer engagement in retail. Hosted by Evgeny Chernikov, COO, Yango Tech, and featuring K Radhakrishnan, Co-Founder, Tata Starquik.

‘5 Winning Personalization Strategies in Grocery’ aims to offer several key insights. Here’s a rundown of the topics that will be discussed:

1. Introduction: What is personalization and why it’s important?

Digest of shopping habits history: customers want to know from whom they are buying and now they want to experience a shop “made for them” in real life as well as on screen. The personalization importance showcases in its numerous benefits.

2. Personalization Gap: What does personalization look like?

Personalization goes well beyond baseline segmentation. For example, if you notice that your customers are buying one specific flavor, would it be all of the same customer profile? Here’s where personalization shows its true potential.

3. 5 Winning Personalization Strategies:

Mindmaps - How to create a mobile app that sells?
Asking for customer data - What data do you actually need?
Retargeting - Keep your customers adding more to their carts.
Omnichannel - Optimize offline and online presence.
Payment options - How do customers want to pay?

4. Conclusion: How to adopt personalization today?


5 Winning Personalization Strategies in Grocery

  • Evgeny Chernikov

    COO, Yango Tech

  • K Radhakrishnan

    Co-Founder, Tata Starquik