Yango Tech Partners with Ketal S.A., Bolivia's Leading Grocery Chain

Blog  •  05.15.24
Yango Tech Partners with Ketal S.A., Bolivia's Leading Grocery Chain

Yango Tech, an innovative provider of e-commerce software solutions, is thrilled to announce a strategic partnership with Ketal S.A., the largest grocery chain in La Paz, Bolivia.

A Brand Reborn – Embracing Digital Transformation

Ketal, a household name in La Paz with over 36 years of experience and 11 stores, recently underwent a complete brand overhaul under the leadership of CEO Daniel Pastén. This transformation included a new logo, brand colors, and a customer-centric strategy that emphasizes digital channels and innovation.

Yango Tech: Powering Ketal's E-commerce Journey

Through this partnership, Yango Tech will equip Ketal with a comprehensive suite of solutions, including:
White-Label App: A user-friendly mobile application for customers to browse and purchase groceries online.
PIM (Product Information Management) Software: A system to streamline product data management, ensuring accurate information on the app.
WMS (Warehouse Management System): A solution for efficient inventory control and order fulfillment.
Picker App: A mobile app for picking staff to fulfill orders quickly and accurately.
Discount Admin Panel: Tools for managing and promoting special offers on the app.
Business Intelligence: Data-driven insights to optimize Ketal's online presence and marketing strategies.
Integration with Yango Delivery: Seamless integration with Yango Delivery, Bolivia's leading last-mile delivery service, for fast and reliable delivery to customers.

How will Ketal use this technology?

This comprehensive package will empower Ketal to:
Expand beyond La Paz: Sell groceries online and reach customers outside their physical stores, paving the way for national expansion.
Enhance the customer experience: Provide a convenient and user-friendly way for customers to shop for groceries online.
Increase sales and brand loyalty: Grow their online customer base and boost overall sales.

A Winning Combination: Yango Tech and Yango Delivery

This partnership leverages the expertise of both Yango Tech and Yango Delivery. Yango Tech's robust e-commerce solutions will enable Ketal to establish a strong online presence, while Yango Delivery's extensive network will ensure fast and reliable deliveries to customers. Juan Velasco, Yango Bolivia's Country Manager, played a pivotal role in fostering this partnership and leveraging Yango Delivery's strong reputation in Bolivia.

A Look Ahead: Building the Future of Grocery Retail in Bolivia

This partnership marks a significant step forward for both Yango Tech and Ketal. By joining forces, they will revolutionize the grocery shopping experience in Bolivia, offering customers a convenient and efficient way to purchase their favorite products. Yango Tech is also actively pursuing similar partnerships with other retailers, highlighting the seamless integration with Yango Delivery as a key driver for growth.