Case Study: E-Grocery Relaunch With Yango Tech

Case Study
Blog  •  04.12.24
Case Study: E-Grocery Relaunch With Yango Tech


Staying ahead of the curve is essential for retailers aiming to thrive in a competitive landscape of grocery and supermarkets, and the growing needs of customers. This case study delves into the transformative journey of a leading Central Asian offline retailer as it partnered with Yango Tech to relaunch its e-grocery platform.

Through innovative solutions and strategic collaboration, the retailer not only overcame existing challenges but also achieved remarkable growth and operational excellence. Join us as we explore the dynamics of this successful partnership and the key factors that propelled the retailer toward a brighter future in the digital marketplace.


Revamping online presence requires a strategic approach for all grocers, especially the ones recognizing their problems. One of our Asian clients was aware and decided to approach the solution by partnering with an experienced SaaS company.

Partnering with Yango Tech, a renowned technology provider, the retailer sought to not only enhance its technological infrastructure but also redefine the online shopping experience for its customers. Yango Tech's solution was tailored not only to address existing challenges but also to propel the retailer towards agile growth in the competitive e-grocery market.

Client Profile

The client, a leading offline retailer in Asia, recognized the need to revitalize its online platform to stay ahead in the digital age. With a desire to improve both its technology and offer, the retailer sought the expertise of Yango Tech to overcome the hurdles posed by its previous solutions. Armed with a team experienced in e-grocery technology, the client was ready to embrace innovative solutions to drive growth and efficiency.


Yango Tech's objectives were crystal clear: to tackle critical challenges plaguing the e-grocery landscape and facilitate exponential growth for the client. By focusing on enhancing customer experience, boosting key metrics, and ensuring reliable operational performance, Yango Tech aimed to usher in a new era of success for the retailer. These objectives were not just about meeting expectations but surpassing them, ultimately leading to increased user retention, higher conversion rates, and improved operational efficiency.


The challenges faced by the client were multifaceted, ranging from poor customer experience to low conversion rates and operational inefficiencies. These obstacles threatened to hinder growth and undermine the retailer's competitiveness in the market. However, with Yango Tech's expertise and innovative solutions, these challenges were not insurmountable but rather opportunities for transformation and improvement.


Yango Tech's strategy revolved around elevating the online delivery experience while addressing operational complexities. By prioritizing seamless customer experiences and operational efficiency, Yango Tech aimed to exceed customer expectations and drive growth. Embracing an agile approach, Yango Tech collaborated closely with the client's team to ensure swift implementation of improvements and responsiveness to market dynamics.


Yango Tech's comprehensive e-grocery tech solution encompassed various components tailored to meet the client's specific needs. From a user-friendly mobile application to robust analytics tools, each element was designed to enhance the online shopping experience and optimize operational performance. Leveraging smart algorithms and real-time data, the solution empowered the client to streamline order processing, improve inventory management, and deliver personalized promotions to customers.

Yango Tech solutions for this partner:

  1. White-Label App
  2. Product Information Management Software
  3. Fulfillment Solution
  4. Business Intelligence
  5. Auto-Replenishment Solution
  6. Discount Admin (tailored solution)


The results achieved post-launch were nothing short of remarkable. With a significant increase in monthly orders, new user acquisition, and user engagement, the client experienced exponential growth within a short span. Operational metrics also reflected impressive improvements, with reductions in order cancellations, click-to-eat times, and missing items. These results not only validated the effectiveness of Yango Tech's solution, but also laid a strong foundation for future enhancements and continued success.

Note: The measuring period for the metrics was done once Yango Tech was on site, just before the on-site implementation of technology, after the design phase ended.


The successful relaunch of the e-grocery platform with Yango Tech underscores the importance of technological innovation and strategic partnerships in today's competitive market. As the client continues its journey of growth and transformation, Yango Tech remains committed to delivering unparalleled customer experiences and driving operational excellence. With a focus on continuous improvement and collaboration, the partnership between Yango Tech and the client is poised to achieve even greater heights in the dynamic world of e-commerce.

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