How to Promote Discounts in App?

Blog  •  06.03.24
How to Promote Discounts in App?


Effective promotion with discounts in your app can significantly enhance customer engagement and drive sales. For instance, a study by RetailMeNot found that 80% of consumers were encouraged to make a first-time purchase with a brand when offered a discount. Similarly, major retailers like Amazon and Walmart regularly use app-based discounts to boost sales during peak shopping periods. This article explores the importance of in-app discount promotion, its benefits for grocers and retailers, and how Yango Tech’s Discounts Admin Panel can streamline and optimize this process.

The Importance of In-App Discount Promotion

In-app discount promotion is a powerful tool for retailers and grocers. With more customers using mobile apps for shopping, the ability to highlight discounts directly within the app can lead to increased customer satisfaction and loyalty. Here’s why promoting discounts in your app is crucial:

Capturing Customer Attention

In-app promotions ensure that your discount offers are immediately visible to customers. Unlike email or social media promotions, in-app discounts are seen by customers already engaged in the shopping process, increasing the likelihood of conversion.

Enhancing the Shopping Experience

Promotions integrated into the app create a seamless shopping experience. Customers can easily discover discounts while browsing, which can encourage them to make additional purchases or try new products.

Real-Time Updates

Mobile apps allow for real-time updates, enabling you to quickly launch new discount campaigns or adjust existing ones. This agility is essential in responding to market trends and customer demands.

Benefits of Promoting Discounts in App

Promoting discounts in your app offers several advantages for grocers and retailers:

Increased Sales

In-app promotions can drive sales by encouraging impulse buys and larger order sizes. Discounts make products more attractive, motivating customers to add more items to their carts.

Improved Customer Loyalty

Regularly updated discounts and personalized offers can enhance customer loyalty. When customers know they can find exclusive deals in your app, they are more likely to return.

Enhanced Customer Insights

Tracking how customers interact with in-app discounts provides valuable insights into their preferences and shopping behaviors. This data can inform future marketing strategies and discount campaigns.

Cost-Effective Marketing

In-app promotions are a cost-effective way to market your discounts. Unlike traditional advertising methods, in-app promotions leverage an existing platform, reducing additional marketing costs.

Types of Discounts You Can Promote In-App

Different types of discounts can be promoted in-app to cater to various marketing strategies and customer preferences:

Product-Specific Discounts

These are discounts applied to individual items. For example, offering a 10% discount on a popular product can drive sales and clear inventory.

Brand-Specific Discounts

These discounts apply to all products from a particular brand. This type of discount is useful for promoting brand loyalty and boosting sales of a specific brand's products.

Category of Products Discounts

These discounts are applied to a selected group of products, such as all dairy items or all cleaning supplies. This strategy can encourage customers to purchase multiple items within a specific category.

Bundle Discounts

Bundle discounts offer a price reduction when customers purchase a set of products together. For example, offering a discount on a combo meal in a grocery app can drive higher sales and increase the average order value. Bundling slow-moving items with popular products can also help clear inventory.

Leveraging Yango Tech’s Discounts Admin Panel

Yango Tech’s Discounts Admin Panel is a comprehensive tool that empowers retailers and grocers to manage and promote discounts effectively within their apps. Here’s how it can help you capitalize on the benefits of in-app discount promotions:

Comprehensive Discount Management

The Discounts Admin Panel supports various discount types, including cart-level, category-level, item-level, and combo or bundle discounts. This flexibility allows for tailored discount strategies that can meet specific marketing goals.

Real-Time Integration

The admin panel seamlessly integrates with Yango Tech’s white label application. As soon as a discount is created in the admin panel, it becomes instantly visible in the app. This real-time synchronization ensures that customers always have access to the latest offers.

Advanced Filtering and Customization

Users can filter discounts by type, country, city, and store, allowing for precise targeting. The system also supports filtering by active discounts, enabling users to focus on current promotions.

Promotional Customization

The Discounts Admin Panel offers several tools to enhance the visibility of discounts:

  • Promo Code Descriptions: Add stickers and descriptions to SKUs to draw attention to discounts.
  • Multilingual Support: Ensure discount information is accessible to a diverse customer base.
  • Expiring Discounts: Highlight items nearing their expiration date to encourage sales.

    Informers and Modal Windows

    To further promote discounts, the panel allows for the creation of informers that appear on the main screen of the app. These informers can include eye-catching backgrounds, images, and descriptions. When customers click on an informer, a modal window with additional details and promotional content opens.

    Security and Fraud Prevention

    The Discounts Admin Panel includes robust security measures to prevent fraud. Users can set payment rules and limitations, ensuring discounts are applied appropriately and reducing the risk of abuse.
    For more information or to see a demo of the Discounts Admin Panel and create a discount click here.

    Future Developments

    Yango Tech continues to innovate, with potential future features including AI-driven discount optimization, deeper e-commerce platform integration, and expanded analytics capabilities.
    To find out what Discount Admin panel's effect is, check out our case study about the e-grocery relaunch.


Promoting discounts within your app is a strategic move that can drive sales, enhance customer loyalty, and provide valuable insights. Yango Tech’s Discounts Admin Panel offers a comprehensive solution to manage and optimize these promotions effectively. By leveraging this powerful tool, retailers and grocers can maximize the impact of their discount strategies and achieve significant growth.