Yango Tech Partners with PTTeM to Launch E-Grocery Service

Blog  •  01.01.23
Yango Tech Partners with PTTeM to Launch E-Grocery Service

In January 2023, Yango Tech and PtteM announced a partnership. The tech stack of Yango Tech will support PtteM in the transition to e-grocery.

Yango Tech and PtteM have partnered to launch PtteM's e‑grocery pilot project. PtteM is a subsidiary of the Turkish National Post and Telegraph Agency - PTT. The strategy is to implement Yango Tech's full tech stack to a successful expansion into the rapidly growing e‑grocery sector.

How will Yango Tech support PtteM’s transition?

Initially, the project will launch at 3 postal locations in Ankara in 2023. The ultimate goal is to cover more than 1000 stores nationwide in the coming years.

The tech stack was proven with over 450 profitable dark stores. At the moment, Yango Tech is actively expanding in the MENA region through partnerships. Yango Tech provides universal tools for traditional retailers and marketplaces to transition from a brick-and-mortar business model to online trade and significantly improve their businesses. The growth starts from improvements in inventory management and fulfillment processes.

Yango Tech provides expertise and support in implementing a full technology stack of O2O solutions. The technologies range from the warehouse management system, assembler application, «last mile» routing and real‑time business information dashboards to machine-learning auto‑order systems and warehousing robots.

«This pilot project will give us a good insight into the more efficient use of PTT branches, whose density will decrease in the coming period. With the new tech solutions, we, as a company, are sure that we will be able to meet the challenges and opportunities created by the changing market and easily unlock new revenue streams,» said Hakan Çevikoğlu, board member and CEO of PtteM Technology and Electronic Services Inc.

«We are very pleased that PtteM chose us as their partner. We see great potential for the development of the e-grocery market in Turkey. According to our estimations, its volume is projected to reach more than 4 billion dollars by 2024. It is an exceptional opportunity to capture the market by using the most advanced tech and through upgrading established infrastructure servicing for an immense customer base,» said Max Avtukhov, CEO of Yango Tech.

Yango Tech's experts are excited about this partnership and support PtteM in e-grocery store transformation. To find out more about Yango Tech technologies, click here.