Yango Tech Partners with Jordan's Fastest Delivery Grocer, Jet Groceries, to Disrupt Market

Blog  •  01.24.24
Yango Tech Partners with Jordan's Fastest Delivery Grocer, Jet Groceries, to Disrupt Market

Yango Tech, a provider of innovative end-to-end e-grocery technology, is announcing a new partnership with Jet Groceries, Jordan's fastest-delivery grocery startup. This collaboration signals a significant step forward for both companies, aiming to reshape the Jordanian e-grocery landscape with exceptional speed, efficiency, and customer service.

Jet Groceries has made its mark on the market by consistently outperforming competitors on delivery speed and customer satisfaction. Now, by leveraging Yango Tech's comprehensive suite of innovative e-grocery technology solutions, they're poised to further solidify their position as the Jordanian champion of rapid deliveries. This integrated solution, encompassing dispatch, driver management, route optimization, and real-time tracking, will optimize operations, ensuring even faster deliveries and streamlined resource allocation.

"Yango Tech is passionate about pushing the boundaries of e-grocery solutions, and we are thrilled to partner with Jet Groceries, a brand synonymous with speed and exceeding expectations," stated Max Avtukhov, Yango Tech’s CEO. "Together, we aim to unlock new levels of efficiency, convenience, and satisfaction, disrupting the current e-grocery landscape and setting a new standard for grocery delivery in Jordan."

“I am excited to push our service to new levels of customer service, after creating a quick-delivery trend in Jordan with Jet Groceries. Recognizing the same values in Yango Tech, specifically working and innovating as a team, we are working on new grocery standards for citizens of Amman”, explained Faris Sinokrot, Jet Grocery’s CEO.

Collaboration benefits:

Unmatched delivery speed: Yango Tech's innovative technology will further optimize order preparation and delivery, solidifying Jet Groceries' title as the absolute fastest grocery delivery service in Jordan.
Elevated customer experience: Real-time tracking and updates will provide complete transparency and peace of mind, fostering continued customer satisfaction and loyalty.
Seamless scalability: The partnership empowers Jet Groceries to scale seamlessly as their customer base expands, meeting the evolving needs of the Jordanian market.

This is just the beginning of an exciting journey for both companies. We are looking forward to launching updated Jet Groceries in the upcoming months. Stay tuned for further updates as they work together to revolutionize the way Jordanians get their groceries!