Yango Tech’s Partner Launches New Q-commerce: Gapgo Market

Blog  •  06.06.24
Yango Tech’s Partner Launches New Q-commerce: Gapgo Market

Yango Tech, an innovative e-commerce technology company providing solutions for online grocery, is thrilled to announce a launch as a partner of a prominent Azerbaijani distribution company. Clients launched a brand new grocery delivery service called Gapgo Market, catering to the country's burgeoning demand and rapid e-commerce growth. The new q-commerce is powered by Yango Tech technology.

Yango Tech's End-to-end Solution

Yango Tech is providing Gapgo Market with its full arsenal of e-grocery solutions, encompassing:

This solution pushes automation as an essential feature of every q-commerce through numerous AI-powered features. Gapgo Market is technologically supported to offer a seamless and convenient online grocery shopping experience for its customers.

Branded White-Label App for Gapgo Market

Introducing Q-commerce

Gapgo Market embraces the q-commerce model, offering rapid 30-minute delivery from strategically located dark stores. Initially available in Baku, Azerbaijan's capital, the service has plans to expand to other major cities across the country.

Q-commerce, short for "quick commerce," prioritizes lightning-fast deliveries, often within just 30 minutes. Unlike traditional online grocery shopping, q-commerce utilizes strategically placed dark stores brimming with popular items.

Opposite to traditional shopping which doesn't necessarily prioritize speed, the q-commerce business model minimizes fulfillment time and gets orders to customers in record time. This is the reason behind strategic placement of dark stores, as q-commerce thrives in densely populated areas where customers are concentrated.

A growing demand for instant gratification created these fast-delivering online stores, allowing customers to fill those last-minute recipe needs or top up on essentials without leaving home.

Advancing Partnership: Developing Local Market

This collaboration between Yango Tech and the Azerbaijani distribution company marks a significant milestone for Azerbaijan's e-grocery market. It's expected to significantly boost the adoption of online grocery shopping, making it easier and more convenient for consumers to purchase groceries online.

Yango Tech experts anticipate this partnership will propel the adoption of much-desired highly-reliable e-grocery shopping, offering unparalleled ease and convenience for online grocery purchases.