Yango Tech at the 2023 Saudi Retail Forum: The Future of Retail Tech

Blog  •  12.26.23
Yango Tech at the 2023 Saudi Retail Forum: The Future of Retail Tech

The bustling trade halls of the Riyadh International Convention & Exhibition Center were abuzz with the latest retail trends and technologies at the 2023 Saudi Retail Forum. Amidst this dynamic space, Yango Tech presented a new AI-powered solution: AInventory.

Yango Tech's participation at the forum was marked by a multifaceted approach. The interactive booth attracted attendees eager to see the software in action. Yango Tech offers solutions designed to streamline logistics, optimize costs, and enhance customer satisfaction for Saudi retailers.

Engaging Panels and Thought Leadership

One of the highlights of Yango Tech's presence was the engaging panel where Evgeny Chernikov, the company's COO discussed the future of retail with other seasoned professionals from the world of retail. They delved into the transformative power of on-demand delivery, highlighting how it can empower retailers to reach a wider audience, reduce delivery times, and personalize the shopping experience.

Furthermore, the panelists shared their expertise on topics such as sustainable logistics and the integration of AI in retail operations. Their insights, informed by extensive experience in emerging markets, offered valuable perspectives for Saudi retailers as they navigate the dynamic retail landscape. The presentation resonated with the audience, sparking lively discussions about the future of retail in the Kingdom.

Live Demonstration for Retailers: Automated Shelf Inventory System

Saudi Retail Forum attendess had the KSA premiere of Yango Tech's new system for brick-to-mortar stores or store-collection business model for grocers. AInventory is Automated Shelf Inventory System that uses cameras powered with AI to control shelves in store. It maintains high planogram execution rate, price compliance rate, OSA, ultimately improving shopper's experience.

For more information about AInventory, please check here.

A Resounding Success and a Look to the Future

Yango Tech's participation at the 2023 Saudi Retail Forum was a resounding success. As the Kingdom strives to modernize its retail sector, Yango Tech is poised to play a pivotal role, empowering retailers to embrace the future of on-demand convenience and personalized shopping experiences.

We are confident that our continued commitment to innovation and partnership will enable us to make a significant contribution to the growth and success of the Saudi Arabian retail market. We would like to thank everyone who visited our booth at the 2023 Saudi Retail Forum. We look forward to continuing to build relationships and partnerships with you in the future.