Yango Tech at Seamless Middle East Conference

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Yango Tech at Seamless Middle East Conference

Yango Tech attended the last Seamless Middle East Conference, held on 23-24 May in Dubai, UAE. The exhibition revolved around proven e-commerce solutions.

On May 23-24, 2023, at Dubai World Trade Centre, Yango Tech attended Seamless Middle East. This 2-day-long exhibition of the latest technologies brought together thousands of professionals from the regional fintech, retail, e-commerce, delivery, digital marketing and other tech-powered communities.

Yango Tech presented at the exhibition in Dubai. At the dedicated stand, the team offered a comprehensive demo of the product suite, encompassing apps for end-users and delivery drivers, a pick-up app, and advanced WMS. Further, the inner workings of supporting e-commerce services were showcased, emphasizing the critical role our dark stores play in the operation.

During the conference, Yango Tech team delved into the latest trends in delivery and e-commerce, outlining how tech stack can drive significant improvements in the online retail landscape.

Max Avtukhov, CEO of Yango Tech, delivered an engaging panel talk, "Catering to consumer’s growing demand for convenience: boosting online grocery offerings with speed and modernism". He was joined by esteemed retail representatives from the MENA region, including those from Choithrams (UAE), WestZone Group (UAE), and Al Raya Supermarkets (KSA).

Max also gave an insightful interview for Seamless Xtra about current e-commerce trends like q-commerce and robot automation as well as his thoughts on the future of q-commerce. The full interview is here.

Yango Tech’s Team had exciting 2 days at the Seamless Middle East. Thank you to the organization team and everyone we have met. We’re looking forward to the next event!