New Partnership Fuels Yango Tech's Expansion in Central Asia

Blog  •  05.28.24
New Partnership Fuels Yango Tech's Expansion in Central Asia

Yango Tech, an innovative provider of e-commerce solutions, is thrilled to announce another partnership in the Central Asian grocery market.

Partner Profile: The Undisputed Leader in Central Asian Grocery Retail

Founded in 2007, today this company is the undisputed leader in grocery retail within their home country. With over 200 stores spanning two countries and offering a vast selection of 50,000+ products, they are a cornerstone of the Central Asian grocery landscape. Additionally, they prioritize locally sourced goods, showcasing a deep commitment to supporting their local communities.


Through this collaboration, Yango Tech will provide our advanced AI Shelf Monitoring Solution - AInventory. This innovative system leverages computer vision and cutting-edge AI algorithms for product recognition on store shelves. This technology will address a key challenge for our partner – determining the presence of goods on store shelves with exceptional accuracy for two specific suppliers.

AInventory will provide:
  1. Real-time inventory visibility: Gain a clear picture of on-hand inventory levels, minimizing stockouts and maximizing sales opportunities.
  2. Improved forecasting: AI-powered insights will enable more accurate demand forecasting, leading to optimized inventory management.
  3. Reduced manual effort: Automate manual shelf checks, freeing up staff time to focus on customer service and other high-value tasks.
  4. Enhanced product placement and assortment optimization: AInventory ensures on-shelf availability, verifies planogram compliance, and facilitates gatekeeping of online orders, eliminating the issue of messy replacements.
  5. Streamlined marketing initiatives: The system simplifies fulfilling marketing contracts with brands by enabling accurate monitoring of specific products on shelves, such as ensuring proper shelf weight for Coca-Cola displays.
  6. Boosted security and loss prevention: AInventory detects potential fraud by identifying instances where products are removed from shelves without being scanned at checkout.

Yango Tech: Empowering Grocery Businesses in Central Asia

This partnership solidifies Yango Tech's commitment to supporting grocery businesses with both offline and online presence in the Central Asian grocery market. By offering tailored software solutions, we aim to empower businesses to streamline operations, enhance customer experiences, and drive growth.

We are confident that this partnership will pave the way for a more innovative and efficient grocery sector in Central Asia. Stay tuned for updates and launch dates in 2024!