Innovating Last-Mile Delivery: Courier Application

Blog  •  05.31.24
Innovating Last-Mile Delivery: Courier Application


Efficient last-mile delivery is crucial for maintaining customer satisfaction and competitive advantage. Implementing a dedicated application for couriers addresses these needs by enhancing the handling and delivery of orders, particularly in the e-grocery sector.

Overview of the Courier Application for Order Delivery

Yango Tech's Courier Application is designed to facilitate seamless order management from the moment the designated courier picks up an order to its final delivery. The application provides couriers with a user-friendly interface integrating sophisticated logistics and route optimization tools. Let's explore the core features and benefits of this powerful solution.

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Order Handling and Acceptance

To begin receiving orders, a courier activates their availability by selecting the "Start Slot" option on the main screen. Once activated, the courier becomes eligible to receive new orders displayed in real-time.

The application supports multi-order handling, a critical feature for maximizing efficiency and productivity during delivery runs.

Advanced Batching Algorithm

The application utilizes a machine learning ML-based batching algorithm that intelligently assigns orders to couriers. This algorithm considers various factors:
delivery locations,
order contents, and
courier availability to optimize the batching process.

Smart batching ensures that orders are grouped and assigned in the most efficient manner possible, reducing delivery times and operational costs.

### Detailed Order Information and Tagging

When a new order is received, couriers can view detailed information about the order, including delivery address, special instructions from customers, and item-specific tags such as frozen, fragile, hot... These tags help couriers handle items appropriately, ensuring that they follow specific organizational guidelines like using separate bags for frozen items or maintaining the integrity of fragile goods.

Detailed order information serves the purpose of further easy handling, as being able to check items

Route Optimization

The Courier Application integrates directly with Google Maps, providing precise routing information. Couriers can view the exact locations of their deliveries on a map and receive step-by-step navigation to each address. This integration not only simplifies navigation but also helps couriers choose the most efficient routes, minimizing delivery times and fuel consumption.

### Delivery and Payment Handling

Upon arriving at the delivery address, couriers can indicate their proximity by selecting "I am close to the address." This action triggers detailed address information and any special delivery instructions. If the order requires payment upon delivery, the application prompts the courier to collect the payment before marking the order as completed.

Transaction History and Performance Tracking

Couriers can access their profiles to review their recent transactions, providing transparency and accountability. This feature allows couriers to track their performance, review past deliveries, and manage any customer queries or disputes effectively.

Courier Shifts and Scheduling

Shift Management

Effective shift management is crucial for maintaining a smooth delivery operation. The courier application allows couriers to set their preferred schedules, including the time intervals and days they wish to work. Couriers can select their favorite dark store locations, making it easier for them to manage their deliveries from convenient starting points.

When the courier manager creates the schedule, the system offers slots based on each courier's preferences and priorities. This ensures that couriers are assigned shifts that align with their availability and preferred working conditions, leading to higher job satisfaction and efficiency.

Tracking and Analytics

The application tracks all actions of couriers within the system, including their adherence to schedules. If a courier is late, leaves early, or misses a shift, these events are logged. This data can be used to build detailed analytics regarding courier performance. Managers can use this information to implement motivation schemes such as bonuses for punctuality or fines for frequent tardiness.

Courier Wallet Functionality

Cash Limit Management

To manage the cash couriers carry, the application includes a courier wallet functionality. This feature sets a limit on the amount of cash a courier can hold, ensuring they do not exceed this limit. For example, if the cash limit is set at $200 and a courier exceeds this amount, they must hand over the excess cash to a store manager before continuing their deliveries.

Cash Handling Process

The process for handling cash involves both the courier and the store manager. When a courier needs to hand over cash, they initiate a request through the application. The store manager then accepts the cash, and both parties confirm the transaction within the system. This double-confirmation process ensures accuracy and accountability, reducing the risk of discrepancies.

Couriers can also initiate cash handovers from their end, providing flexibility and convenience. All cash transactions are logged and can be reviewed by both the courier and the manager, ensuring transparent financial management.

Watch a Courier App demo here.

## Enhancing E-Grocery Deliveries

The courier application is particularly beneficial for the e-grocery sector, where timely and accurate deliveries are paramount. The application’s ability to handle multiple orders simultaneously, optimize routes, and ensure proper handling of various types of grocery items significantly enhances the efficiency of e-grocery deliveries.

Benefits for Businesses

For businesses, the courier application offers several advantages:

  • Increased Efficiency: By optimizing order batching and routing, businesses can handle more deliveries in less time.
  • Reduced Costs: Efficient route planning reduces fuel costs and wear-and-tear on delivery vehicles.
  • Improved Customer Satisfaction: Accurate and timely deliveries enhance the overall customer experience, leading to higher satisfaction and repeat business.

Future Prospects

Yango Tech’s Courier App continues to evolve, incorporating the latest advancements in machine learning and logistics. Future updates may include enhanced predictive analytics for even better route optimization and real-time tracking features that allow customers to monitor their deliveries live.


In conclusion, Yango Tech's Courier Application is a go-to tool that significantly improves the last-mile delivery process, especially for e-grocery businesses. Its advanced features, such as ML-based batching, detailed order tagging, and seamless Google Maps integration, streamline the delivery workflow, ensuring efficient, cost-effective, and customer-friendly service. As e-commerce continues to grow, such innovative solutions will be indispensable for businesses aiming to stay ahead in the competitive market.